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Welcome spreadsheet warriors!

The days of spending all your time manually accounting for crypto are over. Gilded automates your crypto accounting process--whether you have two or two thousand transactions per day.

To reap the full benefits of Gilded, follow these steps to properly configure your account. This is a one time process. 

Estimated time: 30 minutes or less


1. Register for a Gilded account

Navigate to and click Try it now

You can create a password or click Sign up with Google. Select the base currency you wish to use, e.g. USD for US dollars.

2. Add your wallets

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to add a Crypto wallet. You can add an Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet. If you own ERC20 tokens, enter the owning address under Ethereum. Gilded supports Ethereum, ERC20, and Bitcoin natively. 

Click skip if you wish to bypass entering a wallet at this time.

To add other currencies, you can import transactions from your exchange or import a file. File import is available when you upgrade to the Small Business edition.

3. Upgrade to the Small Business edition

In order to access QuickBooks integration and file import and export features, you must upgrade to our Small Business edition.

We offer a fully functional 14 day free trial. To begin your trial, click the upgrade button on the top menu. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information.

You can unsubscribe at any time during your trial. If you choose not to cancel after 14 days, your credit card will be charged $48 per month for the Small Business edition.


Need help? We're on hand to answer any questions you may have. Click on the orange bubble located at the bottom right of the page to initiate a chat or reach out to us via email at


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