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Accounting in the Age of

Gilded helps businesses integrate digital assets into their existing accounting process.

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Effortlessly Account for Your Digital Assets


Easy Transaction Import

Setup an account in minutes.


Automated Reconciliation

Gilded automatically detects and classifies transactions to eliminate manual data entry.


Sync to QuickBooks

Gilded’s proprietary Smart Journaling™ technology creates the correct journal entries for each transaction.


See all your crypto transactions in one place

Aggregate transactions from Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets plus leading exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, and Kraken.

Automatically Sync Wallet & Exchange Accounts

Sync crypto transactions to QuickBooks

Customize how crypto transactions are mapped to your Chart of Accounts. Gilded’s proprietary Smart Journaling technology automatically creates the proper journal entries for each transaction.

Crypto to QuickBooks

Never calculate spot prices manually again

Gilded partners with CryptoCompare to provide accurate, trusted exchange rates between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.

Spot Price Calculations

Add context and meaning to your transactions

Map crypto addresses to the people and businesses you interact with. Classify transactions as income, expenses, trades, and transfers.

Map Crypto Addresses to Contacts

Send and receive crypto invoices

Gilded’s crypto invoicing system enables Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable workflows and supports Request Network for payment processing and “triple-entry” bookkeeping.

Crypto Invoice

Include crypto transactions in your standard accounting reports

Gilded integrates directly with your accounting system so you can run P&L, Balance Sheet, 1099, Budget to Actuals, and any other accounting reports using the systems you’re already familiar with.

Crypto Accounting Reports
“Before Gilded, I had no choice but to spend entire days manually reconciling my crypto transactions by hand using spreadsheets. Now I'm able to automatically sync them to my QuickBooks account in minutes.”
profile-img-joe Joe Murray

VP Finance, Adaptive Holdings

“I have been waiting for someone to build a real crypto accounting system since getting into this space 4 years ago. My clients & I are deep into crypto/defi & we need Gilded.”
profile-img-daniel Daniel Winters

President, Global Tax Consultants

I love paying my global workforce using cryptocurrency, but tracking invoices, receipts and transaction IDs on top of our accounting was nearly impossible before Gilded.
profile-img-matt Matt Marx

Cofounder, Iosiro



  • Aggregate transactions from up to 3 wallets
  • Reconcile, categorize and tag transactions
  • Calculate spot prices
  • Send and receive crypto invoices
  • No exchange support

Small Business

  • Free functionality Plus…
  • Aggregate transactions from all wallets and exchanges
  • Sync transactions to QuickBooks using Smart Journaling
  • 30 min consult with an expert crypto CPA
  • Add a 2nd User
  • Unlimited CSV data import and export

Pro Accounting BETA

  • Bookkeeper Plus…
  • Unlimited users
  • Roles & permissions
  • Wallet organization & management
  • Accounts payable
  • Advanced QuickBooks sync
  • Advanced spot pricing

Available Soon

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise ERP integration, advanced comliance support, custom development & API, multi user sign on.

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How does Gilded keep my information secure?

Gilded never takes custody of your digital assets. Gilded uses read-only access to discover wallets and exchange account transactions. All customer data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. All computer systems are subject to regularly scheduled security audits. Staff are trained on how to avoid phishing and social engineering attacks. Check out our full security policy here.

What support do you provide?

We publish blockchain and crypto accounting guidance in our weekly newsletter. We provide email support for both the BookKeeper and Pro Accounting packages. Gilded also offers an onboarding consultation with our resident expert, Joseph ‘Joey’ Ryan, CPA.

Are there any additional costs for the service based on transactions?

No extra costs! Gilded does not believe in charging based on your number of transactions.

Why is Gilded different from other crypto tax software?

Gilded is focused on the accounting needs of businesses for bookkeeping, advisory and financial reporting. Many other crypto accounting services actually focus on tax reporting for individuals or institutional investors/traders. Gilded brings crypto CPA expertise to your current accounting processes.

Can you help me explain crypto accounting to my CEO/ executive team?

Sure, we have a business development team ready to help. Contact

Can I trust Gilded’s accounting expertise?

Yes, completely. Gilded has a CPA co-founder with 10 years of public accounting experience. We’ve also built a world class accounting advisory team led by Dr Sean Stein Smith, the Accounting Chair of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.

The Team

Gil Hildebrand

Gil Hildebrand

Joseph Ryan, CPA

Joseph "Joey" Ryan, CPA

Neal Roche

Neal Roche


Raina Casbon-Kelts

Ken Gaulter

Ken Gaulter

Eledi Dyrkaj

Eledi Dyrkaj

Director Of Engineering
Ilir Hushi

Ilir Hushi

Full Stack Developer


“Level up your practice with digital asset accounting”

Hi there, I’m Joey, a licensed CPA who spent 10 years in public accounting before discovering blockchain/crypto.

While I could see that blockchain was the next big revolution in the accounting world, I found keeping up with the latest news to be a herculean task.

So I’m paying it forward by curating a weekly newsletter. Each week I promise to choose the most relevant articles for you, presented in a simple and digestible format you'll appreciate.

The next time Blockchain and cryptocurrency is brought up at your firm, or by your clients, I'll help you stand out as the expert.


CFO at Gilded

Accounting in the Age of Digital Assets

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